The Company

Nalko Company was established in January 1986 to repair at first all types of clutch and then was added the import and the trade of spare parts. 

Nalko Company is located at 12 Nea Monastiriou Street, 1st by-street, (next to Hellenic Petroleum and under the highway overpass of the ring road) in privately owned facilities.

At Nalko Company we provide the following services:

  1. Clutch plate repairing (for tractor, truck, bus, forklift and car).
  2. Disk nailing (for tractor, truck, bus, forklift and car, exclusively with German lining LUK).
  3. Flywheel grinding surface, with special grind machine only for flywheel and cluthc plate. 
  4. All types of brake drums and brake disks are being lathed by special machine (of tractor, truck, bus, forklift, car, machines etc.).
  5. Brake shoes nailing with roots and gluing in oven. Also, we can glue any lining at any machine or motor (electric motors, lift brake shoes etc.).

In our warehouse will find:

  1. Cluthes for every type of car and taxi.
  2. Clutches for trucks and buses (from Germany, Italy, Holland, France, Brazil, Korea etc.)
  3. Clutches for tractors and clutch parts (for example: clutch levers, roots, release fork, lining, release bearing etc.).
  4. Clutches for forklift.
  5. Clutches for special machines.

In our new site, you can see part of our job clicking on <<Services>>.

We inform you that in our site there are videos and photos that give information and instructions about the work and services that our experienced staff can provide.

The company's staff is exactly the same for 25 years with some additions. This is one of the most important reasons that our cooperaion between us is right, so the result of our work that we give you is the best.