Tips for searching spare parts of bus:

Before your search: You must have the registration certificate in front of you to ensure that your spare parts are ordred properly or you need to know details about the old clutch disc and the old clutch plate that you have on bus. The chassis number (VIN), the engine number and any other useful information is given on the registration certificate. 

During our phone call to complete your order, you will be asked some information from your registration certificate or you need to know details about the old clutch disc and the old clutch plate that the bus has, in order to confirm the suitability of the spare part you have chosen. 

  1. Brand and Vehicle Model;
  2. Chassis Number (VIN): for Mercedes;
  3. Inside - Outside disc diameter and how many teeth are there in the center;
  4. The disc has springs or not;
  5. The disc has washer;
  6. Plate diameter;
  7. Clutch plate with passion or pulling belleville washer;
  8. Has on the clutch plate clutch release ring kit;
  9. The release bearing is simple or not;

For even better service and 100% confidence for the correctness of the spare part you can send us photos of the old spare parts that you already have  on your bus.